You can book your accommodation by using the hotel booking portal bonn-region.de and bonnhotels.de. A room contingent has been reserved with the support of the Tourism & Congress GmbH Bonn, which you can access by using the link above. However, the search results are not restricted to this room contingent. Of course you can also book your accommodation in Bonn individually.

Please note:

The use of the Cologne-Bonn transport is free for conference participants who book through the portal bonn-region.de and bonnhotels.de. The offer is valid during your stay in Bonn for the entire route network of the transport association Rhein-Sieg (VRS) for both regional trains of the railway (DB Regio), as well as for city rail links including metro and bus, including the shuttle bus SB 60 Cologne - Bonn - Cologne / Bonn Airport.

The booking confirmation of a hotel reserved through bonn-region.de and bonnhotels.de may be used during your stay as a ticket.

For those participants arriving from Frankfurt Airport (ICE or Regio) or Frankfurt / Hahn (bus) or from the airport Dusseldorf (Regio) requires, in any case, a separate ticket, since you are outside of the transport association Rhein-Sieg (VRS).

Assistance regarding accommodation and hotel-booking

Bei Fragen zur Buchung erhalten Sie zu Geschäftszeiten Hilfestellung hier - unabhängig ob Sie direkt oder über ein Portal buchen!

Tourismus & Congress GmbH Bonn
Annette Isengard (German and English)
Leitung Hotelreservierung / Beratung

E-Mail: a.isengard(at)bonn-region.de
Tel. 02 28 / 910 41-33
Fax 02 28 / 910 41-77

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